Making the Right Choice When Finding the Best Metal for a Diamond ring

Variety of different engagement ring metalsThere’s no question that the diamond ring has taken its place as by far and away being the most popular engagement and wedding ring. Few things can match the incredible look that these rings give off, but its not just the diamonds.

The metal that makes up the ring is also a big part of it and goes a long way towards creating that perfect look. Do you want classic gold, or the slightly different but still classic silver? What about platinum? Did you know there are other options beyond these big three? Read on to learn about the pros and cons of each metal as it is paired with a diamond ring.

The Classic Gold & Diamond Ring

Gold Ring with diamondsGold is the first metal everyone thinks of, and for good reason. Considered valuable in almost every culture, gold is often seen as the best metal for a diamond ring and that’s why it is also the standard metal for most diamond rings. Many rings are made out of 10, 14, or 18 karat gold, although there are other options including the famous and high end 24 karat gold.

Often plated in Rhodium to protect the gold itself (which is a relatively soft metal), gold is the most common and most popular choice. It is a beautiful metal, easy to find because it is in high demand, and always a safe choice since a gold-diamond combination will always work well. Yellow gold is the most popular type although white gold is gaining in popularity, but both tend to be very good options.

Silver Is A Sterling Choice

Silver is probably the second most popular choice when it comes to diamond rings and it’s not hard to see why. While new silver rings are very shiny and definitely stand apart compared to other metals, it is also important to remember that silver is hard to keep in good shape over time. Oxidizing is an issue long term with silver, giving it a black color. This is a great metal, but can take some upkeep to keep its beautiful original tone.

Make sure to think about these various pros and cons before going with silver. Silver is fantastic, and many individuals (especially men) like them compared to gold. However the higher upkeep is definitely something that can’t just easily be brushed aside.

Pretty Platinum

Platinum is an incredible white metal that gives a similar look as white gold, but it is strong and has a natural white color without treatment of any kind. That means it can be used as it is and platinum doesn’t have to be protected the way that white gold is. Platinum is a dense metal so the same thing that makes it strong also makes it much heavier than the other options like gold or silver.

Platinum isn’t as popular for delicate fingers, but it is a very interesting option that is really unique compared to other more common metals and still sticks out as extraordinarily beautiful.

Terrific Titanium

Titanium Diamond RingTitanium definitely sticks out as one of the best metals to consider for a diamond ring and it already has one heck of a reputation because it is the hardest naturally occurring metal in the world.

That amazing durability still comes with its own shiny and natural beauty that many people are coming around to appreciate even on the level for jewelry. Unlike platinum, titanium doesn’t have a heavy weight to it, so it weighs easier even on small and thing fingers.

Titanium is extremely resistant to denting, scratching, or breaking, which makes it really ideal as a good diamond metal ring combination for people who want to wear their rings and show them off, but they also do enough outdoor activities or have enough activity in their life that damaging a ring is a legitimate concern.

Are There Other Options?

Generally speaking a person is going to find what they need between gold, silver, platinum, and titanium. These are great options for any type of a ring, especially a diamond ring, but if for some reason that selection really just doesn’t do it for you than there are other options. There are many alloys that look and feel different than these other listed options.

This can include Palladium and multiple Tungsten based mixes and alloys. These are options but how available they are matters based on location and store.

In Conclusion

When you’re ready to get a diamond ring, deciding on the metal that goes with it should be no small task. This is really important to understand. The base metal that creates a ring changes the entire look. No matter what your favorite aesthetic is, there is going to be a metal that works perfectly to create the look that you really want.

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