How to choose the Best Diamond Color for Yellow Gold Rings?

Yellow Gold rings are still used a lot for engagement rings.

Granted, they are not quite as popular as white gold but yellow gold rings have one decisive advantage: You can go far lower in diamond color than you would ever have thought!

You can even go as low as a K color and this is even what we recommend for round cut diamonds. To many people this sounds kind of crazy but we are absolutely serious.

The perfect color for any diamond that will be set onto a yellow gold ring setting also depends on the diamond shape of course. It is for this reason that we want to give you a thorough overview of what particular diamond colors look like on a yellow gold ring setting.

Which diamond color to choose for round cut diamonds on yellow gold rings?

Yellow Gold Rings are actually quite notable in one aspect: The good thing about them is that diamonds absorb a lot of the color of the gold ring! Now, this might sound like a bad thing but actually that is a good thing for you: It means you can go considerably lower in diamond color! This way you can actually save a lot of money.

To demonstrate that we will show you a picture of a K colored diamond that is set on a yellow gold engagement ring:

K colored Diamond on yellow gold ringWe have found that many people are surprised to hear that a K colored diamond would still work out. It is true that when you choose another ring metal a K colored diamond might not be the very best choice for you! But a K colored ring will be perfect for a yellow gold setting.

Our recommended range however is the J – K color range!

This means that you could also go for J colored diamonds.

To give you some further examples of J colored diamonds let us have a look at the pictures below. You will see several examples of J colored diamonds:

A J color Diamond on a Yellow Gold Ring Setting still looks good

This J colored diamond is an example that has been taken from an online jewelry store callled James Allen. The thing about this J colored diamond is that you might realize that it has a hint of yellow color in its body. But this would be the case with a D colored diamond as well! As mentioned before: The reason for this is simply the fact that any diamond on a yellow gold setting will soak up the color of the metal! It is going to look a little bit yellowish anyway! There is litterally no need to go for an extremely high diamond color with this kind of ring setting.

All in all diamonds can be pretty complicated. This is why you should definitely try to get a proper understanding of what diamonds are all about before diving deep into it. Click here for more specific information on the diamond 4Cs and especially the diamond color.

Please bear in mind that all of the previously said only applies for round cut diamonds. Of course, when discussing issues like that we are looking to get the most value for our diamond rings. We don’t want to spend a whole lot of money on features that can’t be appreciated anyway. This is something that we might admire in celebrity diamond rings but we do not recommend you do for your own engagement ring.

For all other diamond shapes you should go up at least one more color grade. Thus, for princess cut diamonds for instance we do not recommend a K colored diamond anymore. While a J colored diamond might be okay in such a case an I-colored diamond will still be better!

Just use your common sense but do not go against the basic guidlines and you should be fine with your diamond choice!

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